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Upcoming Treks

From unforgettable sights to undiscovered corners, there’s just so much to see and explore. Choose from one of my upcoming treks.

If you have any questions or are ready to book your tour, feel free to get in touch.


Dayara Bugyal Trek 

08-Sep-2022 to 14-Sep-2022

Rs 22,000 per person


Tapovan Trek

16-Sep-2022 to 24-Sep-2022

Rs 33,000 per person


Everest Base Camp

07-Oct-2022 to 23-Oct-2022

Rs 1,18,000 per person (Indians)
$ 1,950 per person (Foreigners)


Goechala Trek (Sikkim)

03-Apr-2022 to 12-Apr-2022


Dzongri Trek (Sikkim)

26-Mar-2022 to 01-Apr-2022

Woman on Zip Line

Everest Base Camp

07-Oct-2022 to 23-Oct-2022

Past Treks

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